I wouldn’t go anywhere unless I know what it’s going to cost me. It’s not that I’m cheap or something but it’s always better to keep everything planned for the good. Keeping that in mind I started doing my research on the internet and confronted a cool website that gives you an estimate on how much it would cost you to drive in your car from one place to another.

CostToDrive is a free gas cost calculator for driving within the United States. This website is very useful to help budget out for time and gas costs before you’re next trip.

To get started, simply enter your destinations and select the type of car you will be driving and click “My cost to drive” and you will get the desired results as shown in the image below.


For traveling from New York to Los Angeles on a 2003 BMW 540i Sport Wagon will cost me about $282.


CostToDrive offers

  • Free of charge service
  • Allows you to calculate your journey cost
  • No sign ups or registrations required

Check out CostToDrive



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