When you find yourself with a few minutes or hours worth of idle time due to layovers at the Detroit-Metro Airport, here are the top five things you can do at the McNamara terminal to kill time:

Visit the Coolest Fountain of them All

In the middle of Concourse A, there is magnificent fountain that you might have seen in several TV shows or the movie Up in the Air.  While it’s refreshing and relaxing to watch the fountain, behind it comes the view of the runway that’s also a cool site to see.  You can also toss a coin and make a wish but well, it may not ensure that your delayed flight will magically turn around or you will find yourself upgraded from coach to first class, but it’s a fun thing to do.  Wish for a Prada instead.  That’s more likely to happen.

Here Comes the Train

It’s also a good idea to explore the vastness of the Detroit-Metro Airport terminal via the terminal train.  This one is capable of commuting passengers from one end of the Concourse A to the other.  It’s along train ride since there are 78 gates.  A little warning though: try not to jump off the train when you start hearing threatening animal sounds.  The airport uses them to scare away the birds that fly in the lines of the TSA.

Work up a sweat at the gym

Head to the Westin Hotel that is located right inside the Detroit-Metro Airport.  The Westin Hotel has an entrance near Concourse A.  Here, you can work up a sweat at the elliptical machines, weights, and treadmills.  Not only will you escape the buzzing terminal, the Westin Hotel has day passes for just $15, a great steal.  Now that’s better than snacking on a large cookie and two orders of frappuccino.

Sushi, onegai?

Since the Detroit-Metro Airport is Delta’s link to the East, sushi and other Japanese favorites are common at this terminal since a handful of Asian businessmen fly to and from this gateway.  Try Sora, they have a wide variety of sashimi delights.  If you’re not a fan of raw fish before your flights, load up on carbs and try their noodle bowls that are famous in the winter season.  The reasonable price you pay at Sora is worth it when it comes to quality. They don’t sell pre-packed crab rolls and most of the food here are darn tasty.  You can spot Sora just beside gate A35.

Explore the Tunnel Lights

If you’ve already explored the length of Concourse A, set off to explore B and C instead.  In order to get to the different areas in terminal, you go through a long tunnel that connects them all.  The walls of the tunnels are made of glass and beautiful LED lights.  They have sounds too and sometimes, it’s fun to stop and listen to them, providing that you don’t miss your flight.



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