A lot of peole are interested to go to China to explore its best travel destinations, seek business opportunities, and discover a wonderful culture. If you are among this crowd, you might want to read on because we have meaningful Chinese phrases that will help you understand the mindset of Chinese:

Learning Chinese

Mei banfa

Mei banfa translates to ‘there is no choice’. The history of China tells a lot about famine, tragedy, and not really much of fun time. This Chinese phrase is how people express their acceptance of what is available and their acceptance of any hardship that may come their way. They may also say it with regard to other people. This may say that one must not stand out or not be different. It is basically said in a relaxed mood while being a bit worried of a hardship that can only be accepted.


Guanxi means connections. In China, who you know is important. They have a billion people in population and strangers are pretty much a nobody. It is a different story though if you know a friend of an uncle who is a friend of another aunt who knows a friend. If you will be travelling and try to find work in China, keep in mind guanxi so your chances of survival will be better. Even simple things like buying long-haul train tickets can be pretty daunting if you do not know anyone (thankfully this system changed in recent years).

Tianxia yijia ren

The Chinese has a strong belief that everyone is family. There is a certain bond between all their people. They are proud to be Chinese and even if one is born in another country, there is that bridge they call hua qiao that links one to his or true home, China.

Tiantian kaixin

This Chinese expression is to wish someone a dose of happiness. It translates to having an open heart everyday. It sounds quite romantic and further reinforce a culture that appreciates everything about love from songs to a lot of films about it. The times can be tough and there is no other way to deal with it but with an open mind and an open heart.



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