Thanksgiving travelBeing delayed at a strange airport is no fun. Everyone around you is uncomfortable, cranky, and hate the thought of missing items on their schedules. Below are some items you might want to bring that can help you survive such long holiday travel delays:

Pre-packed food

You do not want to get hungry while waiting for the weather to be kinder or the airline to fix its system. Instead of having a soggy sandwich for a snack, bring pre-packaged goodies like granola bars, cookies, or dried fruits. If you will be stuck in an airport for two days because of snow, you can expect the food to be served not to be as fresh. This will also save your pocket money since items at the airport tend to be pricey.

Pen, paper, or tablet

During delays, expect that you will be doing a lot of rebooking for your flights, hotel accommodations, car rentals and all. You need a pen and a small notebook to jot down the new codes and other details. If you are tech savvy enough, your reliable tablet or smartphone can help you with those.

Face moisturizer

You might be asking if this is a necessity, well of course. Sleeping at airports or strange hotels will not be kind to your looks. A bottle of moisturizer can save your skin from the harsh cold of the winter.

Carabiner clip

A carabiner clip is not only useful when climbing or hiking, you can also rely on it to help you keep your stuff secure while stuck at an airport. You can get some sleep and hook your bags, laptop, and purchases so they cannot be easily taken while you are enjoying some time in dreamland.

Beach towel

This cheap item can come very useful during delays. You can use it as a pillow while trying to snooze off on airport benches, use it to keep yourself warm, use it as a blanket if you decide to sleep on the floor, and use it if you need a quick shower. You can also throw it away once you get that much awaited announcement that you will be boarding your flight.



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