When its comes to weather plugins for Firefox it seems their pretty easy to make because they’re so many of them. Just grab the weather forecast for the day from some place and update the plugin to show that info, simple right?

NO! 1ClickWeather plugin shows that weather isn’t just about copy pasting some unconfirmed weather claim . Utilizing data harnessed from around the world at www.weather.com 1ClickWeather goes beyond the normal collection of data to including regional Doppler radar maps (with severe weather alerts, when applicable). It may also use international satellite maps which gives it the ability to predict up to 5 days of forecast information.

You also get to detail and customize weather content, from 10-day forecasts to hour-by-hour updates. If you choose to, you can also get video updates of weather conditions 72  hours ahead by On-Camera Meteorologists from The Weather Channel through clickable icons.


If there ever was a `best Firefox weather plugin competition’ 1ClickWeather would be the contender for 1st place!



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