Security is a recurring theme for me so whenever a new opportunity crops up to improve security especially for laptops I immediately run head first into it!

This time however I’m not focusing on safeguarding the data in your laptop. Today I’m going to concentrate on protecting the actual Laptop itself.

Face it, if you’re the on-the-run appointment superstar then there will always be a time when you’ll have to leave your laptop unattended for a variety of reason. It could be bathroom breaks, and catching a last minute discussion with the boss before he/she leaves for the day springs to mind.

Your data may be protected in your absence but who’s protecting the laptop? What happens if someone tries to steal the laptop? Why it should sound an alarm of course.

A.L.A.R.M is an open source software for Windows XP that  sits quietly in your system tray until someone unplug’s the A/C power cord to your laptop!  At that point your Laptop/portable will start screaming (or play ANY loud sound) to get your attention! It’ll only shut off when power has been restored or if the laptop has been unlocked.


Key features include

  • Small in size
  • Low memory footprint
  • Easy to use
  • Supports many types of media including MP3, WAV, MID.

Its not exactly foolproof – but its better than nothing, and its free!



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