When you are setting a budget for your holiday, it can be easy to forget that there can be lots of additional travel expenses as well as the usual accommodation, flights, food and drink, and this can mean that by the time you return home you may have spent far more that you originally intended. Here is a quick overview of some typical travel expenses and also how to save money on them:

* Discount Flights – there are hundreds of discount flights now available online and through teletext services, and booking your flights separately can sometimes save you a lot of money. This is especially true if you can book a few months in advance, and companies like Ryanair will only charge you the tax on the flight in these cases, or if you are flexible enough to take advantage of any last minute offers.
* Insurance – most package deals include travel and medical insurance as part of the overall costs, but it can be much cheaper to organise your insurance separately. Many high street banks and building societies also offer cheap travel insurance as part of their current account benefits and a lot of people already have private medical plans that can cover travelling abroad. Check all of your existing policies to see what they cover, and see what deals are available for topping up your insurance with existing providers before you go somewhere else. Research travel and medical insurance carefully to ensure that good deals give you all the cover you need.
* Rental Cars – a lot of rental companies will only accept credit card payments, so it can be a good idea to book and pay for them in advance, and then pay the balance off your credit card bill as soon as possible to avoid paying extra interest. Also booking in advance will mean you get the type of car you want, rather than something larger/smaller than you need because it was the only thing left.
* Exchanging Money – commission on currency exchanges varies, so look around before you get all your money changed ready for your holiday, as there are some competitive deals bat different banks and travel agents. Although traveller’s cheques are one of the safest ways of carrying funds around on holiday, they are not the cheapest as commissions on exchanges can add up. Save money by looking around for good deals, and cash large sums of money at once, as the commission for traveller’s cheques on £100, is often the same as that on £10.
* Travel from airport – getting a taxi from the airport to your hotel can be expensive, and also in busy cities you may have to wait in the taxi rank queue for some time. It is a much better idea to book and pay for all the transport you need to and from the airport/ferry port in advance, and this will also help ensure you are with a reputable firm who charge fair prices for that area.



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