Amsterdam is a haven for tourists year round. There are many activities that you can do when visiting the city. It is quite an interesting place because of how its is designed, it is a city built with canals radiating from its center. At the center of the city is where you will find most of Amsterdam’s tourist attractions like museums, parks, and hotels. This article will tell you more about this city’s tourist attractions, the places that one can visit, and the activities that one can enjoy during his or her stay in the city.

The perfect place to start when visiting Amsterdam is at the Dam Square. The Dam Square which is located at the heart of the city allows tourists to walk past some of Amsterdam’s main attractions. As you walk along the center of the city, you will find buildings done with such architectural grace established as churches or museums. As you walk further past the side streets, you will notice some of the shops and stores, some classy restaurants, hotels, and a few of those fashion houses meant to house tourists. And further on is where the canals would start.

Young and old alike will enjoy the various activities that city has to offer. There are things to do in Amsterdam that cater to the whole family. The whole family can enjoy an hour’s long of canal cruising, experiencing Amsterdam through the waters as the cruise ship passes along the city’s many canals allowing you to view some of its finest places.

There are also zoos and parks in Amsterdam that serve hosts to thousands of animals and plants from all over the world. If you visit the Artis City Zoo, you will get to enjoy some of its theme features like the geological and zoological zoo, the planetarium, the dinosaur museum, the African Savannah theme park, insectarium, the butterfly pavilion, aviary, and even a canal that can be seen in the aquarium.

One of the other many things to do in Amsterdam is visiting the Anne Frank House which is often part of the itinerary of first time visitors to city. There is also the Westerberk Bell Tower and the Van Gogh Museum.

Other family oriented activities may include country biking, or swimming at nearby beaches. There are also various market places that feature so many different kind products, and there is even a floating flower market that carries all sorts of beautiful flowers. There are also tourist activities like canoeing and day trips to countryside of Amsterdam.

For the single travelers, young adults, and adventurers, this a great place to explore. There the bars and clubs with various themes which attract tourists from around. Coffee shops and restaurants are also plenty keeping the city streets constantly busy. They offer fine cuisine derived various cultures all across the world+the pot and the Red Light District.

Amsterdam is not an expanse city, but it is a fine place to visit. It is a place that offers a multitude of activities to choose from that can cater to all sorts of ages and all types of people.



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