When you’re in Sin City, you can naturally get carried away. And why shouldn’t you? With all the light shows and the booze, this seems like a city filled with infinite possibilities—for the weekend anyway, when there are the best Las Vegas shows. However, if you’re really smart, you won’t do anything you’d regret when you’re on your plane ride home.

Getting married and losing more money than you planned are the most obvious no-nos. You’d be surprised though at the common mistakes people do in Las Vegas which made it to our list.

Use the Casino’s ATMs

A surefire way for you to lose money fast in Las Vegas is to use the ATMs located at the Casinos. These things can charge you anything between $2 and $6 per transaction, and what’s worse is they’re legally allowed to charge these fees. It’s close to getting held up, except that you chose to lose that money.

It’s so much better if you just pack in a lot of cash before hitting the casinos. You can also go to the Strip and withdraw money from WaMu-Chase and BofA machines.

Dress like a skank

There’s a fine line between sexy and slutty, and it’s a line ladies going to Las Vegas should learn to traverse with caution. You don’t want to look like the ladies on display at the Sin City’s aquariums. If you’re with your man or your friends for the weekend, you don’t have to dress like a nun, either.

Get your hair done and choose clothes that flatter your best attributes without showing too much flesh. If you’re wearing a short dress, make sure you don’t wear it too short. You don’t want to look like an escort while you’re here.

Wear Painful Shoes

Six-inch heels might be fashionable when you’re walking the runway, but they’re not the pair of shoes you’d want to wear in Las Vegas. The casinos in the Sin City are really bigger than they appear on pictures. You’ll end up with very painful blisters if you walk around in six-inch shoes.

If wearing flats just seems totally out of the question, compromise. Choose three-inch high heeled shoes and you should look classy enough for the lobby of your spanking hotel. Also, some flat sandals are cute enough to pass the high expectations of most fashion gurus. Just don’t wear shoes that are too casual when you hit the bar inside your hotel. You might want to bring two pairs on your trip to Las Vegas.

Say “I do”

Not that it’s illegal, but you don’t want to say your wedding vows at the Chapel of Love. Aside from being too cliché Sin City, chances of divorcing your partner are also more potent when you’re treating your wedding day like a drive-thru cheeseburger.

If you must get married in Las Vegas, skip Elvis and elope with a little dignity left on your shoulders. $500 should get you through one of the more classic alternatives, also in Vegas. Check out spots like the Little White Wedding Chapel or the Mandalay Bay.

Choose the most inexpensive buffet in the Strip

While $11 for a 50-item buffet might sound tempting, don’t bite the bait. There is always a catch especially if you’re in Las Vegas. With food that cheap, you can only be sure of one thing: watery eggs and dishes which can upset your stomach and ruin your weekend.

Instead of going El Cheapo in the City of Sin, try the buffet served at the Wynn’s. Flamingo and Denny’s are also affordable but classic choices.

Connect to the Internet from your room

If you think that the in-house WIFI connection in your room is free, think again. Hotels can charge up to $12.29 a day for an internet service, and with the amount of people trying to access the net as well, there’s a high possibility that the connection will be bad.

It’s very rare for people in Las Vegas to prioritize the internet (after all, there’s so much to do outside your room), but if you just can’t be offline for that long, you might want to skip the five-star lodging and book a room with Circus, Circus instead. For only $27.16 a night, you’d be near enough prime Las Vegas destinations and enjoy free wireless net connection as well. Also, the room isn’t bad at all. At least it’s not in ugly orange.

Drinking alcoholic drinks before a massage

Unless you want to throw up, you wouldn’t want to drink anything before a massage. Because rubdowns release toxins from the body, you will most likely feel nauseous and horrible after your massage. If this is hard to follow because the frozen poolside daiquiris just seem to be calling out to you, do this instead.

Sign up for a massage at about 10 in the morning. This should relax you enough to go partying all night long. Of course, this only holds if you’re not hung over because you partied with total strangers the night before.

Reach the airport a few minutes before the flight

If you’ve been to Las Vegas for quite a number of times, you know how long the security lines go. Reaching the airport thirty minutes before your flight home is a very bad idea because you will miss it. Even if you’re an expert at dodging long queues, this won’t work in Las Vegas.

Although the strip is a five-minute drive to the Las Vegas Airport, give yourself a 1 ½ hour allowance before the time of your flight. Believe us, this should be just enough for you to reach the plane door on time. If by some lucky chance, the queue disappears at your arrival, don’t worry about getting bored waiting. The Las Vegas airport is also filled with slot machines.

Catch a flight in the morning after a night of partying

The MacCarran Airport is extremely crowded, and this is especially true on a Sunday morning. This means that it’s the last place you’d want to be if you’re hung over and sleepless. The noise can give you a migraine, or worse, you might miss your flight because you just passed out in the waiting area because of sheer exhaustion.

Instead of booking an early morning flight, go for a night flight out of Las Vegas. Even midnight flights aren’t so bad. Start partying late in the afternoon and continue the party inside the plane. You can sleep the whole day away once you’re safe at home and snoozing under your own covers.



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