We continue our series of interviews with travel bloggers. These people make life somehow easier for us, as they share their experiences, provide tips, list the best travel destinations, and warn us of risky places to visit.

For this post, we share with you our short exchange with Debbie Dubrow. She owns DeliciousBaby.com that features blogs on making travel fun with the kids. Debbie is a mother of three adorable children and she does a lot of traveling herself. So how genuine can it get?

Her website is considered as among the top family travel blogs by search engines and is considered as among the most influential blogs by travel experts.

Journeyetc: You have a fantastic blog. How long have you been blogging? What made you start this blog and what challenges are you encountering?

Debbie Dubrow: I have been blogging for 4 1/2 years. I started my blog because there was so little information in the mainstream media about traveling with young kids. I wanted to share information that would help parents feel more confident about seeing the world with their kids.

The biggest challenge for me is finding time to balance my blog work with my other responsibilities.

J: After hopping from one place to another which are the top 5 places you can recommend to a budding travel writer (especially for parents), places which most likely inspired you to go on with writing?

D: Rather than recommending specific places, I’d say that it’s important to follow your interestes. Your passion shows through in your writing when you go to the places that you are fascinated by.

J: How do you define success as a traveler/writer? What are your plans for the future as a writer?

D: I think it’s hard to ever feel successful as a blogger – as my blog grows, I keep moving the goalpost.

J:Please tell us about your writing process. Do you write while you are actually traveling, recall past experiences, or maybe contact hotels or restaurants for reviews?

D: I take notes while I’m traveling, but with three kids, I don’t usually have much time to write on the road. Most of my writing happens after I return home.

J: Five best places you will give a double thumbs up for families or people traveling with kids.

D: I think parents should focus on exploring the places that they’re really interesting in, and finding ways to draw kids into those experiences. Some of my favorite trips were to Istanbul, Rome, Paris, New Mexico and New York.

J: Please name 5 things/tools/gadgets that you must have when writing a post or while traveling.

D: Laptop, iPhone, Camera Awesome App, Camera, Battery chargers

J: What tips can you give hopeful travel bloggers in order to make it good in this time of multimedia and social media?

D: Focus on making friends with other bloggers – both online and in person

Aside from these tips, Debbie Dubrow also came up with a travel app that might be of help to travelers. This app is called TripDoc which helps you organize the destinations that you want to visit. This app enables you to mark the map, search for destinations recommended by your friends, jot down notes, and share your travel ideas with friends.

You can get in touch with Debbie via her blog, DeliciousBaby.



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