Credit cards are used for practically everything nowadays. You use them to pay for your utilities, groceries, gadgets, and even for candies. If you love to travel, you can make most of travel credit cards that let you earn redeemable point for hotels, airfare, or cold cash.

The different credit card companies partner with different travel brands to lure in consumers to sign up with them. They offer a ton of perks ranging from special discounts, loyalty points, or sign up bonuses among others. It is really up to you how you can milk the system of rewards so you can get free hotel rooms, get some extra cash, get free air tickets, or even an entire vacation package.

You might ask though which is the best travel credit card for you when you have a myriad of options out there?Here are some things to consider when looking for a travel credit card:

Sign-up Bonus

Make sure the credit card offer monstrous bonus points when you get it. You can find credit cards that offer sign-bonuses that is as good as a free flight to domestic destinations. You can find travel cards that initially offer 25,000 miles when you join so this is to say that they are giving you a round trip ticket to domestic destinations or you can use the miles to upgrade.

Do not sign-up if the credit card provider cannot give you the free miles. There are also cards that partner with hotels and give you between 50,000 to 100,000 points that can help you secure free flight tickets. The big bonus points are necessary or you just have to wait so long to redeem any benefit.

Points for money spent

You spend and you earn rewards. That should be a basic clause for travel credit cards. Most companies will give you one point for every dollar you spend using the credit card. The good ones will give you more points when you shop with partner establishments. Go for the best credit cards that allow you to get at least two or three points for every dollar you swipe.


If you will be traveling, you need to ask the credit card company if you can use it anywhere you go. There are a lot of credit cards that partner with certain airlines, and most of the time these ards will limit your usability to a list of merchants, airlines, and retailers. You do not want to be limited to specific hotels, airlines, or blocked dates.

Make sure that you get a travel credit card that allows you to tap into your earned points anywhere and any time. These travel credit cards also give you extra perks and qualify you to an elite loyalty program. Buy from their partner retailers and you can earn points quicker for being a loyal consumer.

Annual Fees

Anyone will of course want to have a card that waives its yearly fees. But if you love to travel, it is better to get credit cards that have annual fees. These cards often give you more perks and allow you to earn points and rewards quicker. They also tend to have the best travel protection, offer more premium services, and special offers.

Fees for foreign conversions

The conversion fee for foreign transactions range between 3% and 10%. Doing the math, all of your transactions during the trip can amount to a few hundred dollars. It is hard to avoid these fees but you can save some money if you purchase via online stores that charges at your own currency.

Choosing the best travel credit card should be simple. You should know what perks you want out of the card. Do you want to avoid fees, get rewards, or earn loyalty points? Will you be traveling a lot for business and staying in different hotels? It really depends on your priorities as a consumer. Remember that the travel credit card should be working for you. Research well and see which programs offer the most benefits that you can make most of.



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