Fear of FlightIt’s time everyone flies! Yes, even you! If you’ve never flown before, it’s time to book that flight, pack your bags, and jump on the next plane to wherever! There is nothing more liberating that taking it to the skies! However, if you suffer from flight anxieties for whatever reasons, here are some tricks on how to conquer your flight fears.

Daydream about your destination

What better way to conquer your fear of flying that imagining yourself in your destination of choice? You are very much aware that there are several places in the world than are only accessible by air travel. So, if you really want to see the world and get out of your comfort zone, research about your preferred destination, fix your budget and itinerary, call your travel buddies, and prepare yourself for an awesome vacation away from home.

Spell out your fear of flight

Aerophobia is a medical term used to describe the irrational fear of flying. The term is also used to describe the anxiety one feels for fresh air or draft of air. Now that you know what the medical term is, it’s time to determine what it is about flying that really makes you nervous. Is it the draft of air, the turbulence, the take off, the landing, or maybe the great heights. Maybe it’s just the turbulence you are scared of. Maybe it’s fear of great heights. Once you distinguish the exact thing that scares you, it is easier to search for remedies or tips on how to relieve those fears or anxieties.

Learn about airplanes

When we say learn about airplane, we don’t mean that you enroll in pilot or flight assistant training. Before you go on your trips, you research on your destination, right? You Google for the best food to eat, the best accommodation your money can get you, and how to save money. More importantly, you research so you can familiarize yourself and learn a few things about your destination so you can be ready when you embark on your trip. Just the same, we advise that you learn about the basic in-flight rules. Before you take off, flight attendants explain the safety precautions and procedures. Go one step further and be informed about various flight noises you need to be aware of. Being knowledgeable about these things can help ease your anxieties.

Religiously check the weather forecast before and after your flight

Turbulence happens when the plane encounters air currents while in flight. And this is actually a normal occurrence. However, constant and hard turbulence can really turn your stomach upside down. Hard turbulence can make most people hold on to dear life and suffer major anxiety attacks. You have to make peace with the fact that flight turbulence is part of air travel. We also recommended that you religiously consult the weather forecast every time you fly so you can be aware of the level of air turbulence you will encounter onboard.

Tell the crew about your fear of flight

Flight attendants are there not only to roll the cart for snacks and give you pillows and blankets. They are there to assist you. They’ve gone under rigorous training so they can be of assistance to passengers, especially those who are having a hard time being airborne. So don’t be afraid to speak up. Let them do their good in assisting you.

Stick to water,  Save coffee and wine for later

Sorry coffee and wine lovers! Experts advise to save your coffee and alcohol cravings for later. These two beverages leave you feeling dehydrated. When the body is dehydrated it finds it harder to adjust to being airborne, leaving you with an uneasy feeling during the flight. That’s bad news right? I mean, how are you going to get through waiting for your flight at the airport with all those quaint coffee shops teasing you? Sorry guys, it’s best to stick to water for now. Satisfy your coffee and vino cravings when you arrive at your destination. Hey, you might even get exotic coffee and wine!

Listen to the safe instructions

Before you take off, flight attendants will inform you about the basic in flight safety rules and precautions to avoid any mishaps. This is very important. Learn it, live it, remember it. Turn off your iPod and listen carefully as they are there for a reason. The safety precautions and instructions do not end when the flight attendants start rolling the cart down the aisle to offer you overpriced snack items. The pilot will speak every now and then to inform you of the rules you need to remember and do while you’re in flight.

Arm yourself

We don’t mean suiting up in your best airborne gear. Arm yourself means make sure you have something handy to ready or to watch while you’re in flight. Whether it is a book or TV series or a movie or an album that you already know, it is advisable that you distract yourself. Try a book, it is the best thing that you can carry with you while you’re on flight. Immersing yourself in a book is the best way to take your mind away from your fears. Soothing music also helps, so better load up your iPod with soothing music to help you be at ease.

Do Yoga breathing techniques, Pack a relaxation kit

It’s perfectly natural to be afraid of flying. But in time, you will learn to adjust. If you’re a first time flier, try to breathe as deeply as possible whenever you feel the anxiety acting up. If you’re into yoga, practice the breathing techniques to help get your through your flight. Deep breathing helps your muscles and mind relax and soothes your nerves.
Packing a “relaxation kit” is also helpful. Pack a Valium or a Xanax to help you be at ease. Vapor rubs can also help but keep in mind that you are traveling in an enclosed space and there are other passengers who are trying to be as calm as you are. Smelly ointments can disrupt other passengers so stick to medicine that are easy to pop. But try to hold the medicine as the last resort. Try to sleep it off so you can be refreshed once you land on your vacation destination.



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