No matter how you try to plan out for your holiday or business trip, there are just things that are beyond your control. These major or minor problems should not ruin your trip. And this can only happen if you know how to handle the situation properly.

What do you do…

When your baggage is missing

Do not waste time and go as soon as you can to the baggage-claim office to file a report. You can also ask for some toiletries or a voucher to get some things that you really need. Make sure you ask for a copy of the paperwork and take note of the phone number where you can follow up. If you are just starting your trip, then go ahead as planned. It will be the responsibility of the airline to deliver your luggage to you.

When the flight is cancelled

Instead of the long lines at the counter of the airline, what you can do is call the reservation number of your airline and ask for a rebooking to the next flight available. If you have a cramped schedule and you have to deal with a very long wait with the same carrier, you can ask the airline staff to book you with another airline which leaves earlier. If you will be stuck overnight, you can ask if you will be sent to a hotel or if you will get some food vouchers.

When you bring out your suitcase

Most travellers write their full name, home address, and phone numbers on our luggage tag. This gives strangers too much information about you. It gives criminal minds an idea that no one is home and that you are an easy prey. It will be a safer move for everyone, especially ladies, to just put their initials and last name. You can also write your cellphone number and your email adddress instead of your home phone number. You can also include in the tag alternate phone numbers like for the hotel or a relative.

When you cannot find your way

If you are in a different place and you are lost, don’t look like a lost tourist. Calm your nerves. Go into a cafe and check your map. You will easily be a target of street criminals when you start looking confused in the middle of the street. If you really cannot find your way, try asking a local.

When you fall ill while abroad

If you are in a hotel, you can ask for assistance from the concierge so you can get prompt medical care when needed. You can ask for a doctor who can speak English or your native tongue. If you need a ride to the emergency room, you can ask for their assistance so you can get a cab or the car rental of the hotel. You can also contact your health insurance provided if they have partner doctors overseas that they can recommend.

When you get into your hotel room

Before unpacking everything, it will be wise to checkout your room. See if the air conditioner is working, visit the bathroom, or try to turn on the television. You can also ask before checkin if you can visit the room just in case you might not like something about it. Request for a room that is far from the elevator. You can also use disinfecting wipes to clean the remote control and the handset of the phone. You can also use hot water to clean the water glasses in case you are not sure if they were changed.

When you visit a historic site or attraction

You can ask the security personnel or the staff of the site for the gems of the attraction. They may even suggest a more effective way to see the most important artifacts or places. It will also be best to visit historic attractions during lunch time and not in the morning when buses of tour companies arrive.

When you are handed a food or drink that you cannot take

You have to try a small bite or a sip. You really never know until you try. You might like it after all. Some food might not smell that good or look as pleasant but they can actually be yummy. The locals or your hosts will really appreciate your display of courage, erm, willingness to try. Absolute excuse though is fi you think your health will be compromised.



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