The January sales in Paris has started and the City of Lights is a heaven for those whose therapy is window shopping, spending for fashion, and carrying bags from their favorite brands. Some may say that shopping in Paris at this time of the year is not as elegant as the other months but who cares if this is the best time you can find the best items that fit your budget. Life is tough and some price cut is always a good news.

The Paris sales kicked off last January 11 and will end on the day of the hearts, February 14. The boutiques have been inviting their regular and most loyal customers to enjoy the sale and if you have received a vente privee through your mobile phone, lucky you since you are pratically a Parisian.

No need to worry that you need to hurry to Paris

You might be worried that the best items and the things you want might have been snapped up already but the best time is actually by February when the prices are once again slashed and when you can enjoy the best bargains Paris has to offer.

Best places where to shop

Make sure you do not miss the following places: Galeries Lafayette where you need to get there early (as in before 8am) since the queues are very long (take the Porete Auber entrance if you are shopping for women’s fashion; Seine; Le Bon marche; and Le Printemps. You can also take line 9 of the metro and head to Haut-Marais where you can find designer boutiques like the Finger In the Nose and Isabel Marant.

No need to camp out

Unlike during sales in other cities where you need to camp overnight or before the first sunlight, the stores in Paris start their day with unusual opening hours during the start of the sales. You can expect them to be open at 8am and close at about 9pm while some open around 9:30 am. The smaller shops go with their regular schedules and open at around 10am.

Know your size

The shops organize their stock according to size. Make sure you know what your size is in France. Most 36 thru 38s are gone fast so if you are a bit bigger, then do not worry since you have tons of supplies to sift thru.

Do not forget your calculator

Look at the color of the sticker price and usually this will indicate how much of a discount you can get. The price cut off range from 20% thru 50%. Bring your calculator and determine if it will be a wise buy for you. Remember too that different shops use different color coding for their items.

No return, No exchange

This must be clear. You cannot return nor exchange the items that you buy from the stores. Before getting them, make sure you have fallen in love with the item. No space for regrets.



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