Are you going on a holiday and planning to bring your guitar, violin, or flute (but hopefully not the grand piano). Read on as we listed some useful tips if you are bringing your musical instrument to your next destination:

Know the regulations of the airline

When bring your musical instrument, you need to check on the weight restrictions and excess baggage fees of your airline. It will really depend on the company and where you are heading. You need to factor this when you shop for airline tickets so you will not be surprised how much you will be paying for your guitar case or saxophone.

The average limit is for the baggage to be around sixty-two inches while anything bigger than that may cause you around a hundred dollars.

Most airlines allow a limit of 50lbs and you have to pay for extra when your baggage is heavier than that. Normally you have to pocket out around $50 for an extra suitcase but if that one is also over the limit then you can expect to pay even more.

Remember that your luggage will be weighed so better make sure that everything is just right since you do not want to re-arrange stuff when you are in a hurry or just had your morning coffee.

Pack your stuff wisely

You need to be creative when packing your musical instruments. The drums, guitar, or violin will really benefit from some extra cushion while maximizing space. You can roll up your shirt and line your drums with it or stuff your guitar with socks or ties. Make most of the space in their casings too and you will be surprised how much you can put in them.

Pack neatly since most unusual items are opened on security checks. Show some courtesy to the airline employees and the long line of people behind you by making sure you can easily show them what they want without too much hassle.

Know what you need and what is available (or not)

You may want to consider buying what you need at your destination. You may find local brands that are at par with what you have back home or maybe even better. If you will be performing and coordinating with a production company, ask if you need to bring your own or if they have an available set that you and your group can use.

You may want to bring things that you are picky about. Make sure you have those specific strings, set of sticks, or other effects you need. Do not forget to pack wires, cables, screws, and other small stuff that might be hard to find or match since you might have a hard time finding them especially if you are unfamiliar with the place you are heading to.

Before heading back home, you can sell the instruments you bought locally to lighten your luggage a bit, and earn some extra.

Can you ship it?

Unless you have a trusted shipping company that can guarantee that your musical instrument will be arrive to its destination in one piece and on time, then by all means do so. If you do not know of such company, then it might be wiser to play it safe and bring the instruments yourself. You do not want your instruments to get to its destination six weeks after your scheduled performance.



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