Going on a holiday does not mean that you have to forget how you worked hard for that six pack abs or to die for silhouette. You do not have to forget about your healthy lifestyle and your exercise routine. There are ways how you can stay healthy while you are enjoying your holiday. Developing this habits especially when when you are always on the road may come useful in the long run.

Here are some useful tips to make sure you keep fit while traveling:

Use the hotel gym

If your hotel has a gym or a fitness center, use it. You can hit the bike or or the treadmill and do a 30-minute cardio. After that you can do a few sets of 10 pushups, step-ups, and step-backs. You can follow this with 5 sets of 10 bicep curls and lat pull downs. Be sure you do proper cool down after.

No gym, no problem

In case you do not have access to a gym, all you need is a small mat and you can do work out in your hotel room. You will survive without an exercise mat too. Do some crunches, push up, jumping jack, butt kicks, and squats. You can also make use of a chair to do step ups or step backs or use it for tricep dips.


Running around a new place is a great way to keep fit while on a holiday. Ask the concierge if he can recommend a route and go.

Healthy snacks

Be sure that yo bring with you some healthy snack options so you will not end up with potato chips and chocolates from your hotel’s fridge. You can bring some wheat bread, granola bar, or oatmeal. Other choices include soy chips, dried fruits or baby carrots.

Choose the best room

Take a room on the top floor of the hotel or hostel and do not use the elevator. Walk up or run up the stairs and that will be a great workout.

Walk around

Instead of taking a cab or the car, walk as much as you can. Avoid the escalators and use the stairs. This sounds nothing but this will make a big difference in terms of your fitness.



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