As much as you try to blend in with the locals so you will not look like a tourist, something always gives you away and make you a potential victim of lawless elements on the road. Here are some safety tips so you can be more safe when traveling:

Be always on the move

When you are lost in a city which you are not familiar with, keep moving and be alert. Go around the block and try to find your bearings or go to a place where there are a lot of people. You can ask locals or go into a business establishment to ask for some directions.


Even before hopping into that train or plane, research well ahead of time before heading to your destination. Read about safety considerations and common crimes in the area. You will find a lot of tips online and know of hot spots where snatching, holdups, or even kidnapping happens. Ask friends or relatives who have visited the place and ask them about their experience and any tips or recommendations.

Having a guy in your group does not make you safe

Having a male in the group does not make you invincible. These crooks work in groups and are not afraid of victimizing a solo traveler or even those going in groups.


Memorize your passport number if you can, write it somewhere, or have a digital copy somewhere. If you do not have to bring your passport with you while visiting your destinations, then leave it in your hotel safe. You might be ask for your passport number in certain countries when you are checked by a police officer, transact in some businesses, or even when you pay with a credit card. It will also be useful to have the address of your hotel and its phone number in case the need arises.

Backup your files

Cameras are hot items for snatchers and you just cannot let them snatch away all the memories of that trip when you become a victim. Make sure you back up those photos and videos at the end of the day and transfer the clips and images to your laptop.


If you are being mugged, yell as loud as you can to catch some attentions. Shout whatever comes to mind. If you know the local lingo for police or help then that might be best or just use what you know will work to bring out the people from their houses or businesses. If you are at knife or gun point though, this will not work. Give it up and report the incident after. Life is always more valuable than any gadget, money, or jewelry that might be taken from you.

Go to the Police

You need to go to the local police and report the crime if ever you are a victim. Give them as much information as you can give them. Do not let it pass as other people might become victims in the area too. Reporting it to the police at least lets them know that they need to do something for the safety of their jurisdiction. It will also be wise to know the local emergency numbers just in case you need an ambulance or any other assistance.



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