Travel tipsEven with all the technology available to make travel as smoothly as possiible, we are still helpless when tech glitches occur. At the mercy of machines, travelers feel desperate because of flight delays and flight cancellations. So what do you do in case you are one of the hoards trying to get to your destination but cannot do anything because of a computer glitch. Here are some tips:

Rely on your smartphone or tablet

These gadgets are quite portable. Bring them anywhere you go and you can easily get in touch with everyone you need to contact via phone or email. You will also be able to access the internet and maybe find an alternative so you can get to where you need to go.

Go for non-stop flights

Although layovers can help boost your miles, it also ups the risk of missing connecting flights and unexpected long delays at the airport. Non-stop flights are your best friends if you travel frequently. Instead of layovers when things go wrong with the airline’s computer system, you can be en route on a direct flight to your destination.

Follow the social media pages of your airline

You cannot rely on your airline’s website to post updates about delays. Instead follow them on Facebook or Twitter. You also cannot expect to get emails from them so tweets and status updates are the quickest means to reach passengers. You need to know what is going on so follow them and like them.

Be calm

System glitches result to flight delays and cancellations. Passengers and airline staff will most likely be at their breaking points with all the complaints, the chaos, and things to fix. It will not do any good if you will snap and lose your temper. At the heat of the moment, you do not want to make comments that you might actually regret. Keep every expletive and curse you have in mind to yourself and instead look for something fun to do.



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