Whether you are going to a place under the same or different time zone, often times you find it difficult to sleep when you are in a different place. We all hope that we find our travel rhythm and not miss our own bed and pillows.

If you are sharing these sleeping problems while on the road, read on as we have listed travel tips for you so you will have some good night’s rest so you will have a lot of energy to explore your destination.

Keep your room dark

Our body has its own clock and takes signals from its surroundings if it is time to sleep. The usual timing is of course we sleep at night and so it will help a lot if you can keep your hotel room dark if you want to get some rest. If you will be staying in a city, it is for certain that there will be lights and bright signage everywhere so the blinds or the curtains will surely help much.

Hostel bathrooms are a bit of a problem since their fluorescent lights shine bright all night. But if you really need to go to the bathroom, then by all means go but do not engage in small talks in case you bump into someone along the hallway just to keep you in the sleepy mood.

Pack a small pillow from home

The maxim is to travel light but it will not hurt if you can bring a small pillow with familiar scents of home. This can help a lot and bring some tinge of familiarity to the new surroundings of your room. It will also be extra helpful if you will be backpacking and get rooms which are within budget but do not rate well on comfort.

Just the right temperature

There are hotels which allow you to set the temperature of the air-conditioning unit so it will be optimal for your stay. One major reason for a sleepless night is that the temperature is not right. Some say 70 is best but of course this depends on you.

If you did not get a room that allows you to set the temperature, make sure you dress right. It will be practical to sleep in your day clothes and layer them enough to suit the cold or warm weather. If you love sleeping with the windows open, better ask first if you are abroad since you are not familiar if mosquitoes or other insects thrive in the area.

Favorite scent

Bring your favorite scent be it lavender, your partner’s cologne, or anything else that can make you feel more at home. Aside from helping you be more comfortable, the familiar smell will also block out unwanted and uninviting smells of the hostel or hotel.


When you rest that back in bed, remember that you are going on a holiday. Most of us are restless the night before our trip. Lack of sleep equals lack of energy for the journey.

Relax and sleep well. Set the alarm, an extra if you must, so will not miss your flight, train, or whatever ride. Do whatever helps so you can sleep the night before your trip.

It will also help if you have arranged your itineraries well in advanced so you will not worry so much once you get to your destination.

Naps are important

Take power naps through the day just in case all sleep tips fail. If you had a sleepless night, you can go on to see your travel destinations in the morning and take a nap in the afternoon. About half an hour will do and recharge you for your next adventure.



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