Do you always get the least pleasant room in a hotel? Was there a time that you were asked to wait for a long time? These are just some ways on how lodging employees get even on hotel guest that are difficult to handle. If you haven’t experienced any of these, then you’re most probably a well-liked and polite customer.

Working in a hotel is not easy as you think.  The hotel employees are the ones paying for the hotel’s cheap rates given to clients. The industry cuts down personnel, which means more work and more pressure for them but less pay and cut-off freebies.

There is no reason to be rude at them because they have their own ways of getting even with difficult hotel guests. The list below shows you that they actually do it and some suggestions on how to get away from it.

Giving you the least likable room

Assigning the worst room is their simplest way of dealing with impolite and under-dressed guests.  Yes, they do check what you wear. This includes having a long walk down the hallway only to find out that you have a cramped bathroom.  So before checking into a five-star hotel, make sure that you are appropriately dressed.  In fact, this could be the perfect time to show off your designer clothes, shoes, and bags.  Why not flaunt your jewelry as well for good measure, but most importantly, don’t forget to be polite to the staff.  Yes, especially to your bell hop.

Making you wait…forever!

Front desk employees have different reasons to explain why you have to wait for your room. It’s either the room is not ready yet or you are just not being nice to them. The length of waiting depends on the weight of your obnoxiousness. Your behavior actually determines how long you will do the waiting.  No amount of your snootiness can make your room be available in three minutes pronto.  Otherwise, just prep yourself for a not-so-pleasant stay if you just threw tantrums from the front desk all the way to your room on the 18th floor.

Freezing your credit card

Hotel employees can actually hold your credit card if you continue to irritate them. This means that you cannot use your card during your stay in the hotel.  You’re dead if you were stupid enough not to bring some cash with you.  Your plastic is just as useless if you give the front desk round after round of your bickering.  The best way to deal with this is to bring load of cash or an extra credit card or simply be cordial in dealing with the staff no matter how irritated you are with them.

How can we torment you…let us count the ways

There is the story of a hotel guest who got indecent calls for a whole month.  Later on, she found out that the calls came from a New York hotel she stayed in before. The guest had probably annoyed the hotel staff after complaining how small her room was. The hotel staff did apologize and let her stay in the hotel for seven days free of charge. Not a shabby apology after all for having to endure the month-long indecent alls. You see, there are more ways annoyed hotel staff can torment you whether you are staying in their hotel or not.

Make you pay additional charges that are not yours

There is actually a good reason to give a sensible tip to your bell hop.  Not only will he take better care of your luggage, but his impression on you might determine how the entire hotel staff will treat you during the length of your stay.  Pissed off hotel staff can magically round up charges on your hotel bill long after you’ve checked out.  You thought those bottles of sodas are compliments of the hotel? Wrong! They cost $5.00 and you just consumed five bottles during your stay with them for three days.  So please pay up.  They can also add up extras and charge you for it, like Internet use, pay-per-view movies, and of course, the tempting minibar.

While there are ways annoyed hotel staff can take revenge on you for being such as snotty and spoiled brat guest.  To avoid all of these is to simply be good natured and cordial with them even if they are sometimes difficult to deal with or talk to.  Remember, they are not machines.  They are people, too, with feelings and that you should treat them the way you want yourself to be treated.



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