When foodies think of Britain, they usually think of London. The reason is obvious: London is HUGE, and boasts a ton of superstar chefs, including it’s very own Gordon Ramsey. But great food in the UK is not limited strictly to London; Manchester is also home to some killer dining options. Here’s a short list for even the most discriminating tastes.

1. Michael Caines at the Abode – 2 michelin-star chef Michael Caines calls the basement of the Abode his home, opening up one of Manchester’s finest restaurants. Michael Caines at the Abode has won several prestigious awards, including Pride of Manchester 2009 and Best Restaurant 2009. The cuisine is nothing short of exquisite, and the service impeccable. Clearly Manchester’s best shot at getting a 2 michelin star.

2. Vermilion – As much spectacle as it is food, Vermilion is an Asian fusion inspired restaurant located near Manchester stadium. Some people call it the most exquisite restaurant in Manchester, and no wonder – the price tag was a whopping 4.5m pounds! Definitely a sight to behold.

3. Puccini’s Ristorante – You can find practically any type of cuisine in Manchester, and Puccini’s serves some of the best Italian in the city. In fact, it might just very well be the best Italian in whole region. You might get a fleeting glimpse of a celebrity, or even the entire Manchester United team.

4. Zouk Manchester – A secret to anyone not living in Britain, the UK is proud home to a large population of ExPats who love Indian cuisine. As such, you can find great Indian restaurants everywhere, including Manchester. Travelers seeking Indian food should look no further than Zouk, a 1m restaurant situated directly across from BBC studios. Here you’ll find great Indian inspired dishes of steak, fish, and even gourmet burgers. As a bonus for you late night hounds, it’s open until midnight.

5. The Modern – Equally impressive for it’s food and it’s view. Go here for a beautiful overlook of the city. The Modern is also surprisingly affordable, all things considered.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for Manchester dining. While London gets all the fame, Manchester definitely shares in the glory.



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