Art holidays can be both relaxing and inspiring, and there are hundreds of different types of these holidays available all around the world, from gentle watercolor classes for beginners in the Southern England, to fascinating and challenging traditional textiles workshops in China or Japan. There are so many different classes and mediums to choose you are sure to find something to suit your style and level of abilities, and if you want to take along a partner who has other interests, then most art schools also provide other activities for no-participants.

Many art schools are in warmer climates, based in beautiful areas in places like the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Asia and, and take advantage of the excellent weather and exotic scenery to paint, sculpt and take part in all kinds of artistic activities outdoors. To get the best out of these trips it is a good idea to go when the weather is warm, but not too hot or humid (which could make painting outside impossible during the middle of the day), so aim for mid spring or early autumn, when the sun is warm without being oppressive.

Here are some of the excellent art holidays on offer:
* Painting and Drawing Course in Provence – there are some excellent art holidays available in France, and this one week course for adults in Provence will help you improve your skill with a number of materials, using the wonderful surrounding landscape as your inspiration. Food, accommodation and evening activities are all inclusive and you can find out more at If you combine with a wine tour in Provence, you are really an bohemian artist.

The French Provence is very picturesque and has interesting offers for art lovers

The French Provence is very picturesque and has interesting offers for art lovers

* Art Safari – the renowned wildlife artist Mary-Anne Bartlett provides tuition in beautiful and challenging surroundings of Africa, India and Antarctica. She also provides one to three day workshops days in zoos and wildlife sanctuaries all around the world and you can find out more at
* Stone Carving Cornwall – stone carving courses are available in Cornwall, South West England, and you can either choose a combined tuition and accommodation package, or if you are staying in the local area you can arrange to attend just the daily tuition. There are courses available for all levels of skill, and you can find out more at

This magnificent sunset in Cornwall could be your inspiration  factor

This magnificent sunset in Cornwall could be your inspiration factor

If you are planning to go on an art holiday, you need to make sure you ask what equipment and materials you will need to bring with you. Some course provide all the materials you will need included in the overall price, others may require you to bring your own, or pay an additional fee to have materials provided for you. If you are traveling on your own independent art trip, you will need to ensure you have all of the basics with you, as you may not be able to find a good art suppliers once you arrive. Independent travelers do not need to worry about packing lots of bags of art paraphernalia, and instead think about what type of materials you enjoy using and buy good quality, basic materials such as a sturdy sketchpad, travel water color set and several pencils and pens. Digital cameras are also very handy, to help you capture inspirational scenes to work on at another time.



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