There are a number of places in United Kingdom that you could spend your holiday, and favorites like London, Glasgow, and Dublin often come to mind, which is why they have become such overpopulated tourist spots over the last several decades. Drawing a huge number of visitors every year, it isn’t surprising that so many have begun looking for new holiday areas to enjoy their getaways. One such area that has been becoming increasingly popular, and will good reason, is Manchester.

There are many reasons that this has become a hot spot for tourism, but one of the biggest ones is the number of accommodations that can be found for any price range. From extremely cheap rooms rented over pubs, to high end hotels that cost a hundred pounds or more a night to inhabit, the list is certainly impressive.

A few notables from every price range are:


* The Crown Inn, a small hostel located on Deansgate, this little charmer is a great Victorian style pub that will save you quite a lot. The rooms are clean, the staff is friendly, and the atmosphere is casual.

Mitre Hotel

Mitre Hotel

* The Mitre Hotel, a moderately priced hotel, is located on the grounds of the breathtaking Manchester Cathedral, which is reason enough to stay there. They offer a bar, a restaurant, and cable TV, and you can be sure of finding lovely, clean rooms.

* The Radisson SAS Hotel, one of the most expensive hotels in Manchester, is worth the money if you have it. The amenities are incredible, including 24 hour room service, a sauna, a solarium, childcare…even pets are allowed, and pampered, within the hotel!

Another reason a Manchester vacation is becoming the most popular English trip are the sights. From the Manchester Art Gallery, to the Imperial War Museum North, to the Godlee Observatory, there are plenty of ways to take in the culture, and have a sophisticated, educational experience, as well as a relaxing trip, when you come to this fantastic city.

If you are looking for a little bit of night fun, you won’t have to look far. There are bars, pubs, clubs, and live music venues on every street, it seems, and each offering something different. From the Band On The Wall on Swan Street, which offers some great live music, to the Manto on Canal, a great gay-village spot, there are hundreds of places to pop into at night to unwind.

Be sure to also check out some of the more interesting areas outside of the city during your trip, such as the Hack Green Secret Nuclear Bunker. Completely out in the open within the fields of Cheshire, this ‘secret’ bunker is a perfect example of British irony, as well as a fascinating site that gives you the chance to take a look at a genuine military and government safe spot in case of a nuclear war. England has to be the only country in the world that would offer live tours of their secret bases, a feature I am always delighted by.



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