Why wait? If you’ve always wanted to see Spain, then Barcelona is the place to go. It’s beautiful, it’s romantic and it has a lot of fun things to do and see. Don’t keep putting off taking the vacation that you dream of, get off your rear and start planning it today. You only live once so what are you waiting for?

If it’s money that is keeping you from taking a Barcelona vacation, then it needn’t be. There are plenty of ways to take a Barcelona vacation without spending a ton of money. For starters, you don’t have to stay in an expensive hotel. You can see Barcelona in comfort and style without spending a fortune.

A Barcelona vacation can be anything and everything that you want it to be. You can even spend your vacation backpacking through the city. There’s no reason for it to cost a fortune and it could become your grand adventure.

A Barcelona vacation would offer some wonderful sights to see, too. Some of the things that you could see and do in Barcelona include the Bus Turistic where you can get on and off the bus all day, enabling you to see all of the key sights in Barcelona. You can also take in the cathedrals in old city as well as check out the Gaudi monuments in Parc Güell. Of course, you can always climb the towers of the Sagrada Familia. And don’t forget to visit the magic Fountains of Monjuic if you’re feeling adventurous. Also, if you take the old tram and the Funicular up to the Tibidabo, you will be rewarded with some of the most gorgeous views.

Barcelona is magic. There’s an old world quality about the city that offers visitors an amazing experience. You can’t go take a Barcelona vacation and not fall in love with the passion of the people, the colorful sights and the aromas that fill the air. The food is scrumptious but if you’re not up for authentic Spanish fare, then you can always get your mouth on something else. Barcelona restaurants offer up all kinds of internationa cuisine. There’s no way you can go to Barcelona and not find a restaurant that you’ll like.

Of course, if you’d like to get a different view of Barcelona you can. You can see it from the sea, or from the past. Take your pick. If you choose the sea, you can find a boat to sail on down by the Colon Monument. Of course, if you decide to see the city through the eyes of the ruins, then be prepared for something far different. Because by visiting Born or Barri Gotic you will see the ancient ruins of a time gone by, you will see remnants of the Barcelona of old.

By land or by sea. In the past or in the present. Barcelona is a sight to behold in any setting and any era. Visit Barcelona. You’ll be glad you did.



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