One word for you then. Oahu. Oh, yeah. Even the name sounds like the exotic island it is. The word is full of flavor. Just like the people. You only need to plan your trip to Hawaii!

You may think Maui. Everyone loves Maui. But an Oahu vacation is the way to go. Why? Why would you want to take an Oahu vacation?

Well, this is why. It’s fun. That’s right. An Oahu vacation offers a bunch of fun for the whole family. Sure, other places do too. So what is so special about Oahu?

On the island of Oahu, you can catch the waves and learn how to surf at the Hawaiian Fire Surf School in Honolulu. Or you can always go scuba diving with Oahu Diving, also located in Honolulu. This is the only dive company that dives on all sides of the island. If you want more from your Oahu vacation than diving and surfing, you can always do Diamond Head.

Diamond Head is a volcano that can be hiked, but you can also see it from the sky. Oh, yes, by taking a helicopter you can get a great view of beautiful Diamond Head. If a helicopter is too tame for you…

Then maybe skydiving will put everything into perspective. You can do this by just traveling up Oahu’s north shore to where Sky Dive Hawaii is located. They do tandem skydiving for anyone that is brave enough to try it. What other way is there to really experience the beauty of Oahu?

If the skydiving isn’t enough to get your blood pumping then maybe the shark tours will do it. You actually get to come face to face with sharks through the bars of a specially designed cage.

For the more feint of heart, Oahu offers more relaxing and less heart pounding activities. These activities might include a food tour, or gardens, and the USS Arizona Memorial. Pearl Harbor is definitely a must-see for anyone visiting the island.

The last, but definitely not least, thing that should be on your list of things to do when in Oahu is a luau. You can’t visit any Hawaiian island and not enjoy a luau. And Oahu is no different.

It doesn’t matter how you choose to spend your vacation in Oahu. It doesn’t matter what kind of activities you choose to do. There’s so many that you won’t be able to do everything you want to do anyway. There’s never enough time to get the most out of any trip to Oahu. That will be the reason you find yourself returning again and again. The magic of the islands, once it gets hold of you, never lets go. Even your wedding or honeymoon could be unforgettable in Hawaii.

So take that trip to Maui. Or go to Lanai. But make sure that all of them include a way for you to get over to Oahu. Most of the islands offer much the same activities, but there is some history that can only be found on the shores of Oahu.



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