Ooh, la la. So you’re taking a Paris vacation. How exciting. A Paris vacation makes one think of romance, art and fashion. Going on a Paris vacation opens up your world to so many wonderful and fascinating things, you won’t be the same person when it’s over. You’ll be worldly. That’s right. A Paris vacation will transform you from an ordinary person to a worldly person.

A Paris vacation makes you a world traveler. It gives you a stamp in your passport. Provided your Paris vacation is your first outside your native country.

So what do you plan to do on your Paris vacation? If you are taking a Paris vacation, then the Eiffel Tower, the Champs Elysees, and the Grand Louvre Museum have to be on your list of things to do. What kind of Paris vacation would it be without exploring all of those wonderful places? Can you imagine the view from the Eiffel Tower? You can probably see all of Paris from there.

Then, once you’ve done those on your Paris vacation, then you should explore other things. Take a Paris tour. See the city by night. Experience what a Paris vacation should entail. Which would be the aforementioned romance, art and fashion. Oh, and if you’re young and looking for love, you might even check out the nightlife on your Paris vacation.

Even the food on a Paris vacation is romantic. There are these great chocolate crepes that you can get. Forget breakfast, lunch and dinner. Snack on rich chocolate and drink the most aromatic coffee all day long on your Paris vacation. You can return to normal when you get home. A Paris vacation should be as decadent as it sounds.

Of course, on your Paris vacation you have to go shopping. Truly, on a Paris vacation you’re in one of the best fashion cities of the world. You can not got on a Paris vacation and not visit the fashionable boutiques. Or you can spend your Paris vacation sitting in an outdoor café (eating all that decadent food) and watch the people pass by. You can learn so much about a culture when you’re on a trip just by people watching. Not to mention easing your troubled stomach from all the sweets you have eaten and wine you have imbibed in. But you are on vacation. Spend your Paris vacation doing whatever you want. See the sights. Eat. What are vacations for?

No matter what you expect to find on your Paris vacation, you’ll find delight in all there is to see and do. You will be amazed by the Eiffel Tower. Be awed by the Grand Louvre Museum. And pinching yourself when you go down the Champs Elysees. A Paris vacation is a dream come true for anyone who loves to visit new cultures, feel the romance, discover fashion and learn about art. Take your time and enjoy the city and the people and make it a trip of a lifetime.



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