A Peru vacation leans toward the end of ‘out of the way’ places to go. When most people think of taking a Peru vacation, what are they expecting to do? What are they expecting to see on a Peru vacation?

If you have never been to Peru, you might wonder what a Peru vacation could offer you. If you have been on a Peru vacation, you might be curious if your Peru vacation was all it could be. Or maybe you’re considering another Peru vacation. If not, maybe you will be after you read this.

So what kinds of things can you do on a Peru vacation? Let’s see. There are tours you can take on your Peru vacation. Tours that take you by land, by water and even horseback. You can spend your whole Peru vacation hiking on the Inca trails or going into the rainforest. Or better yet, spend your Peru vacation exploring the Sun Islands on a tour by catamaran.

Does a Peru vacation sound like fun yet? If not, there’s more.

Your Peru vacation can include a Hiram Bingham train trip from Cusco to Machu Picchu. But while you’re in Cusco on Peru vacation don’t miss out on seeing the Santo Domingo Church or Sacred Valley of the Incas. Then when you get to the other end of the train ride on your Peru vacation, be sure to see the ruins at Camino Inca in Machu Picchu and the Temple of the Sun.

Or center your Peru vacation in other areas of the country. You can spend your Peru vacation in Caraz and Laguna Grande, or lounging on Las Pocitas Beach in Mancora. Of course, your Peru vacation can take you to other great parts of the country such as Sepahua at the Urubamga River.

Something else to think about when considering a Peru vacation isn’t just the sights you might see, but the food you might eat. Does anybody know what cuisine is home to Peru? You don’t want to go on a Peru vacation and then starve because you were unprepared for what you might find. But, seriously, it isn’t that bad. On your Peru vacation you will find delicious fare that is a mixture of some of the world’s best cultures like French and Italian flavors. You will not only find great Peruvian restaurants on your Peru vacation, but Peru is home to some of the best European style bistros and cafes.

Whichever region you prefer to spend your Peru vacation (maybe all of them?) you won’t go home disappointed. In fact, your Peru vacation will take you to a country that has lush greenery and sandy beaches. Your Peru vacation will take you to a part of the world that can be forgotten. A Peru vacation will be a more primitive experience than one to Paris or Rome. But a Peru vacation can give you a different kind of vacation experience and open you up to a whole new world.



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