The city of Turin in Italy is a marvelous city to have an ideal vacation experience.

The city’s many top class hotels include le-meridian Lingolto, this hotel is the largest in the city, there is the Boston hotel, located in the elegant residential area of the city, hotel Nazional among many others are located in the heart of the city to add to a fulfilled vacation experience.

The beauty of these hotels is that they close to various attraction sites in the city, this helps reduce the distance to cover in other to reach any of the attractions within the city. Most of these sites are just walking distance from the hotels, some are situated close to railway station, this is also a privilege to good transport facilities to b e able to reach any part of the city, and with ease.


The city is perhaps home to several museums, of which is one of the best art collections site in the world. For visitors who are art lovers you could visit the Musco Egizo museum founded in 1924, this museum has over 30,000 arts collection, these were discovered from the last century, and is an ideal place for visitors to see some of the most beautiful art craft in the world.

There is also the famous musco Della marionetta museum in the heart of the city, this place contains about 5,000art collections to see.

Turin is well known for arts, while on vacation you will have a wonderful experience of a life time at these museums.

The beauty of the city is that there are several lakes in the city to have a perfect time exploring them. There is the lake Vittorio Emmanuel, at the extreme corner of the city, this is a nice place for visitors to lake viewing, more so this lake adds more beauty to the city’s landscape.

The city has several golf schools located in different parts of the city, tourist who visit the city will be amazed that there are golf classes to attend for short time. One of the popular golf classes in the city is the circolo golf stupinigi in the heart of the city; the city affords a perfect chance for visitors to learn one or two things during vacation.




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