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Hmmm. A Montreal vacation. Sounds kind of appealing, huh? Think about it. It’s an absolutely gorgeous

area. If you were able to take a Montreal vacation in the winter, it’s supposed to be the perfect winter wonderland. But if you can’t get there in winter, the spring and summer seasons are just as beautiful…without the snow and cold, of course.

Regardless of which season you decide to vacation in Montreal, there is so much to see and do. Such as Chateau Terrace. If you go here, you will get a fantastic view of Mont Royal and then be able to enjoy yourself in the Chateau’s café and shops afterward. It’s a simple walk from downtown and a great way to pass the time.

If you get to take your vacation in June or July, you can go to this little strip of land in the St. Lawrence River. It’s the best spot in the city to watch the fireworks show that is put on twice a week for the two months.

Montreal also has some great hotels that are suitable for anyone and everyone. If you want to go there for your honeymoon, have a weekend getaway or just take a quick family trip someplace fun, Montreal has a hotel for you. In fact, they even have pet friendly hotels for those of you that can’t bear to leave your furry family members behind.

What about the food? Whenever you go somewhere, you want to know that there will be something that you will like to eat. Many people don’t care to travel outside of their comfort zone for this very reason. But you can breathe easy when you venture to Montreal. They have everything from good steakhouses to a variety of European cuisine, such as Italian and French. So even if you are traveling with young ones, you can find something that will be tasty for everyone.

montreal food

Remember, that a Montreal vacation, even from the United States would require a passport. So if you don’t have your passport and would like to go to Montreal on vacation, then you need to start planning ahead. The waiting period for a passport varies depending on when you choose to travel.

However, if you have your passport, then that makes a Montreal vacation even more appealing. It is so easy to just hop on a plane and go to Montreal for a weekend if you’re close enough. Think about it. Instead of hopping a plane for a little island in the Caribbean, you could hop one to Canada and see something new and different in the same amount of time. Many beaches have the same things to offer. Sand, water and water related activities. But each city has its own unique offerings that can turn a trip into a treasure. So the next time you’re thinking about planning a vacation, even right now, think Montreal. You’ll be pleased with what you find.



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