Visiting or traveling to Varna to have a vacation, especially with the potentials of tourist attraction that the city has, is really a must. Varna is one of the most beautiful city in Bulgaria. It is well known as a tourist destination, and lots of visitors, troop in yearly to have a swell time in its serene atmosphere.

The city is home to several top class hotels which are ideally located in the heart of the city to make a visitors stay worthwhile. Hotels in Varna are cheap and affordable, and are well equipped to give visitors the best of comfort. Hotels such as modus hotel, Nympha hotel, and Riviera hotels among several others are situated right at the city center to afford visitors close access to any area of choice in the city. One of the city’s ideal places to have a sweet and enjoyable vacation is the Helios sport resort. This hotel which is located in the city centre is a perfect place to suit any visitor. Its location is very close to numerous places of interest and attraction. The hotel offers an opportunity for wide range of activities, swimming pools, table tennis board, among others. The beauty that comes with lodging in the hotel is that a visitor has the opportunity to have perfect view of some of the city’s most attractive site from a relaxed position from the hotel. It also has fantastic facilities to give visitors adequate comfort. Varna is a city with lots of historic sites to visit, historical buildings such as the Cathedral of the assumption of the virgin which was built during the 19th century can be seen standing right at the city center. Others buildings with quality architectural designs litter several areas of the city, giving the city a perfect and beautiful landscape.

There are several museums to visit and see some beautiful craft works, these museums are well tucked with variety of art and craft works for visitors to have knowledge of their origin. The city is known for its several zoos and aquariums, in various parts of the city. These zoos are constantly flooded with visitors, and for those who like to have fun watching different animals, there are several species of animals .For perfect vacation outing, having fun and enjoying some cool fresh sea breezes, the most perfect place to be is to visit the golden sands beach, located on the black sea coast. This beach is one of the largest of its kind. It provides visitors with pleasant and enjoyable experience while taking a walking on its shore, the shore are made up of beach sand. Also there are lots of sporting activities to indulge in, such as golf, volley ball, skiing among others. There are other spots as music cafes, bars for having a cool drink and relaxing spots to make your day enjoyable. Varna is especially a city with lots of interesting night activities, a night out is this city is always an interesting time to have a cool spot to have some drinks and listen to good music. The fantastic vacation potentials that this city offers cannot fully be exceeded, and spending a vacation in this Bulgarian city is always a perfect and enjoyable vacation for sure.



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