Monaco. Doesn’t that word sound like the rich and famous that it caters to? In fact, if you want a vacation that is guaranteed to be one that is luxurious and pamper you silly, then Monaco might just be the place to go. And if you’re interested it’s really easy to get to other exciting places from there. Like Monte Carlo. All it takes is to leave Monaco travel down the road a ways and there you are. Amid another beautiful spot that does what? Caters to the rich and famous.

What could you find on a Monaco vacation? For Monaco travel won’t be considered cheap by most standards. It is one of those places people think of as a hang out for only the rich and famous. And they’d be right.

But what is it about this place that makes it so exclusive? Is it the sights or the location or both? Probably both. Imagine a place out of time–a place only seen in fairytales or dreams. Most don’t think about it. Monaco vacation for most consist of places that are popular and well-known. While Monaco is not totally unknown, it’s not the first place that one thinks of traveling to on their vacation. Of course, that might be because it seems so exclusive and decadent.

And while Monaco is exclusive and decadent, you have to wonder why. The attractions that Monaco has available for tourists adds to its upscale tourist reputation. It is home to the Formula One Monaco Grand Prix, Oceanographic Museum and Aquarium, Exotic Gardens and Monaco Cathedral, for starters. And there are tours, too. The tours include the Design & Architecture Tour which takes you to see the beautiful designs and architecture throughout the city. Take the Old Towne Tour that walks you through the history of Monaco one building at a time. There’s a tour of the Exotic Gardens that can be taken, too. If you’re interested, you can take tours from Monaco into parts of France and Italy. Do you see why this place caters to the rich and famous? Everything about it screams style and class.

If tours are not on your mind and the Grand Prix isn’t the sport of your choice, then swing on down the Monte Carlo and enjoy gambling at a few of their famous casinos.

Truly, Monaco is a place to rub elbows with some of the richest and most famous people in the world. But not everyone that visits is rich or famous. You can visit Monaco and not be one of the wealthiest creatures to stalk the earth. There are people that find themselves amid all this money and power that don’t come by private jet or yacht. If you plan it well and prepare, you can have a vacation that allows you to be rich and famous for more than a day. You can be rich and famous your whole vacation. Won’t that be something to share when your fairytale is over?



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